The companies that produce robots,...

The companies that produce robots, or assistive robots for the elderly.

In this post, we are going to talk about the companies that produce devices, robots, or assistive robots for the elderly.

Aldebaran (SoftBank Robotics Europe)

Aldebaran, formerly known as SoftBank Robotics Europe, offers successful robotics solutions for elderly in nursing homes. Assisted living robots by Aldebaran are the best Robot-Helpers that help the elderly, caregivers and housekeepers in nursing homes.

Some of the most famous assisted living robots by Aldebaran are Pepper, Nao and Plato that can work in nursing homes.

Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics is another company that released the ElliQ system to help the elderly stay independent, active, and engaged.

ElliQ converses with the elderly and remind important meetings and entertain. Through the ElliQ Connect app elderly can stay connected with their relatives and loved ones. According to, “ElliQ is a friendly presence in your daily life. Engaging you in conversation, motivating you to adopt healthier habits, and surprising you with jokes and suggestions. Your personal sidekick on the journey to age independently.”


Temi is another robotics company that specializes in Robot as a Service solutions (RaaS). According to, “temi can be deployed as a hospital assistant in healthcare facilities and clinics. It can offer assistance to patients and aid with thermal recognition. Furthermore, Temi facilitates telemedicine and provides an avenue for videoconferencing with doctors regarding second opinion consultations. The robot can assist with elderly care and guide patients through the check-in/out process at a hospital.”

Life Science Robotics (LSR)

KUKA partner, Life Science Robotics, has developed an innovative robot named Robert. This robot is a medical product and the best solution for rehabilitation of patients.

According to, “The purpose of ROBERT is to identify needs and to make a difference for patients, healthcare workers and society. With our LBR Med as a main component, ROBERT is the first robot in the world that is custom-made for the purpose of taking care of rehabilitation of bedridden patients.”


Buddy is an emotional companion robot that is designed and manufactured by blue frog robotics in France. This robot is suited to assisting seniors in loss of autonomy. It covers the key needs of vulnerable seniors and improves security.

According to, the benefits of Buddy are:

- Improves the quality of life of seniors by taking care of their health and well-being

- Reduces feeling of isolation and loneliness

- Facilitates communication with loved ones

- Relieves the work of caregivers

- Provides peace of mind for the family

- Increases work opportunities between professionals and residents