The ceiling robots are designed to move on rails and perform a range of nursing and housekeeping tasks. They descend from the ceiling to perform specific tasks using their specialized end effectors.

They are able to move through the ceiling rails to access all rooms in nursing home and can perform various cleaning and assisting tasks as needed.

Nursing Home

The Unique Challenges of Nursing Homes

  • Staff Shortages
  • Rising care costs
  • The burden of repetitive tasks

Transforming Care with Robotic Solutions

  • Freeing Up Staff for What Matters Most
  • Optimizing Staff Resources
  • A More Efficient Care Model

Nursing homes


The complex hospital challenges

  • Combatting Infections
  • Optimizing Bed Utilization
  • Streamlining Operations driving down healthcare costs
  • Enhancing ICU Safety

Transforming Hospitals with Robotic Solutions

  •  Enhanced Efficiency
  •  Reduced Costs
  •  Infection Control
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  •  Reduced Wait Times
  • Empowered Staff


The Laboratory Challenge

  • Hazardous Environments
  • Minimized Infections
  • Repetitive Tasks Conquered
  • Streamlined Sample Handling
  • Unwavering Precision

The Laboratory Solution

  Effortless Sample and Material Transport:

  • Eliminate contamination risks.
  • Streamline workflows.

  Precise Equipment Operation:

  • Program robots to set up and operate specific lab equipment.
  • Free researchers from repetitive tasks.

Consistent Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • Maintain a sterile environment.
  • Minimize contamination risks.

Invaluable Research Assistance:

  • Perform precise actions during complex experiments.
  • Free researchers for crucial analysis and interpretation.


Chain Stores

The Challenge: A Retail Revolution

  • Staff Shortages and High Turnover
  • Repetitive Tasks Drain Resources
  • Optimizing Floor Space


The Solution: A Robotic Partner

  • Empowering Staff, Not Replacing Them
  • Boosting Efficiency and Productivity
  • Maximizing Space Utilization

Chain Stores