Solving the shortage of nursing staff and reducing high costs by augmenting people with a robust, symbiotic infrastructure of building design, AI, robotics and IoT, with the human healthcare practitioners acting as the heart and mind of the system.


  • The growing elderly population
  • The shortage of nursing and housekeeping staff in nursing homes
  • High care costs


The ceiling robots are designed to move on rails and perform a range of nursing and housekeeping tasks. They descend from the ceiling to perform specific tasks using their specialized end effectors.

They are able to move through the ceiling rails to access all rooms in nursing home and can perform various cleaning and assisting tasks as needed.

Some benefits of the Co-design principle

  • By designing the building ourselves, we reduce uncertainty during AI-based object detection and stabilize scores more consistently
  • By designing internal items on our own (lavatatories, toilets), AI object detection models suffer less from model drift
  • Autonomous robots need less time to reach maturity with symbiotic design
  • Roof rails for robots clear the way for people to pass more efficiently
  • Nurses/health practitioners are the core of the system, augmented through supportive robots, AI and IoT for a more productive and cost-efficient work environment


These are some testimonials from professionals who love our journey.


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